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I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been focused on work. I just received a promotion! So far, it’s been great, but it comes with…duh-duh-duh…responsibility.

Responsibility is not my nature by any means. I frequently procrastinate in paying my bills, use my spare time unwisely, and…well, there’s a whole slew of examples.

And now I’m in charge of leading a marketing team. Holy shit. Holy effing shit. I’m writing this because I made a mistake today and it put some things in perspective.

You see, I’m responsible for making sure my team is happy, prepared, and set up for success. I failed in that last part today.

Happy? Yes, because we were slow to get out. My meeting ran over, so they were able to rest up well.

Prepared? Learned to make sure of all that last week. I check that they have everything they need before they go out to work–including an empty bladder.

But I failed today to set them up for success. I was so busy preparing for the meeting, I forgot to thoroughly inspect the area I chose to take them.

It ended up being an apartment complex and renters; our job requires homeowners. Luckily, I printed out another map, which thankfully turned out to be exceptional.

But now I realize how important my position is to the team. If I drop the ball, nobody makes money. It’s awful. It’s stressful.

I love it.