Sometimes, life looks bleak. Low finances, unpredictable employment, and debts inevitably bring even the most stalwart people to their knees. As a twenty-five year old single woman, the above depicted scenario crippled me every year. Winter always drains my bank and, this year, I tried a credit card.


BIG mistake.

On top of that, I almost never keep my job in the winter. Not because I get fired, but because I get annoyed or bored. Yes, those reasons are irresponsible and childish. No, I cannot just stick with the jobs. You see, we spend roughly thirty percent of out lives working, if not more. Why would anyone want to spend such a large portion of their life in misery?

So, moving job to job, it got more difficult than usual this year. I owe lots of people lots of money. Rent got behind quite a bit. Of course, my panic mode exceeded its limit and I spent several nights working and re-working my budget. Then, one night, something wonderful happened.

I stopped caring.

None of those numbers really matter. Worst case scenario, I lose my house and my car. My biggest fear came down to my pets, but I reasoned that a friend could foster them. I calmed down. I found little part time jobs. They pay less than I usually make, but having several means I’m not bored. When I get tired of one, there’s a different one tomorrow.

I am happier now than when I made enough money to cover my bills. Why? Because with my part-time positions, I choose my own hours. In the past, I struggled to find time for my writing. Now, I simply stay up as late as I need, pass out, and wake up whenever to go to work. Yeah, my bills are important and I need to pay them, but my dreams are more important than money. People are more important than money.

I want to value myself and my dreams more than the numbers that appear on my check stubs or my deficient credit card statement.