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After a long, grueling journey, I finally decided to self-publish my novel, DEATH VOWS! The story begins in Lancaster, Ohio, where Bridgette Farmer enrolls in a new school and uncovers a grisly fact: Jesse Harstrom’s girlfriend died in her house! When students and teachers begin to collapse and wake up with totally different personalities, all of their lives are in danger. Bridgette and Jesse must solve the mystery before it kills them and their friends.

This book has a lot of different elements. By the time you reach chapter twelve, it flips on its head and keeps you turning pages in a feverish fit. Bridgette’s sarcastic humor keeps things light in the face of insane and dangerous situations, and Jesse is every girl’s dream guy…eventually.

People have said, “This story made me laugh, cry, fumble with excitement, and much, much more! I absolutely love it!” and, “Brilliant story that evokes emotions and stirs the heart.” I want to know what YOU think of it, though, so go here and purchase your very own copy! Ships in 3-5 days!